Five Wattbike Hub sessions you HAVE to try this year

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Having reached 4 million session uploads this year, and being named one of the fastest-growing training apps by Strava, the Wattbike Hub is going from strength to strength. We have loads of new workouts planned for 2020, but if you’re new to Wattbike, or you’re already a seasoned pro just looking for a challenge, here are five Wattbike Hub workouts you should definitely dedicate a training session to.


HIIT 60:30s
A high-intensity interval training session that includes a pre-built ramp to ease you into it. It’s short (25 minutes) but high impact, and will challenge pretty much every aspect of physiology that supports cycling performance. If you overdid it over Christmas, this is the session that’ll get you bouncing back into shape.


Speed: Descending Pyramid
Designed to increase your capacity for churning out repeated high power efforts, this 40-minute session also includes a built-in warm-up and ramp, so you’re good to go early on. This session will help improve your recovery time, acclimatise to suffering and improve your cardio efficiency and burn calories. It’s tough, but it’ll get you places!



Endurance: Building Blocks
An hour on the trainer equates to multiple hours work outdoors, so get that endurance training underway with this 57 minute session. Building Blocks will allow you work towards improving your body’s aerobic efficiency by exercising slow-twitch muscle fibres and making your body more efficient at supplying resources to your working muscles. It’s ideal for someone with grand tour ambitions, but little time.



Simulation: Solo attack simulation
Looking to build on your break away? This race simulation session will have you pulling away from the peloton in no time. With race season fast approaching, now's the time to make your training more specific. This session includes a warm-up, and then simulates the effort required for a 20km solo attack and sprint for the line. (57minutes).



Challenges: Wattbikers1k
If you’re simply looking to just bang out some big numbers, have some fun with the Wattbiker’s 1k. Although the leaderboard isn’t currently live (watch this space), see if you can beat the current champ, track cyclist Thomson Remo, who did it in 56 seconds.

Want to get started? Download the Wattbike Hub, or check out these five sessions backed by the pros.

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