Who won the Wattbiker’s 1K? Find out here.

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The gruelling Wattbiker’s 1K has come to an end, and finished with an incredible total of 1566 entries on the leaderboard, showing just how many of you are willing to dive deep into the pain cave to compete for the glory of being crowned the Wattbiker's 1K champion.


The winner was American cyclist Thomson Remo, who managed to take the top two spots on the leaderboard with two entries at 56 seconds, taking the win by one second ahead of our very own HUUB Wattbike team member Dan Bigham. Swede Oskar Ågren claimed third place with the same time as Dan, but Dan had higher power/kg and average watts, therefore securing second place ahead of Oskar.

Overall, it was a tough challenge, so well done to all of you who successfully took on the Wattbiker’s 1K and really pushed yourselves to produce your best times. 

Now, to the most important question of all: who is Thomson Remo, and how did he win? Watch the video below to get to know this year’s Wattbiker’s 1K winner and keep reading to get some top tips from a member of America’s cycling elite.



  1. Prioritize strength - The ability to produce force is often best developed through resistance training. Focus on a few key movements, and then build the muscle groups involved in those movements. 
  2. Perform interval workouts - interval workouts allow for significant improvements in fitness in a short amount of time (relative to longer steady-state training). Focus on a particular energy system or skill set for each interval session, e.g. long/short effort, long/short recovery, low cadence, etc. and perform each effort with full commitment.
  3. Practice sprinting maximally - learning how to effectively engage the entire body during force production helps improve power output. Producing more power during sprinting allows for greater sustained power during intervals.

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Stay tuned for more Wattbike challenges, and in the meantime, if you want to stay challenge ready, why not try one of our training plans?

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