A Wattbike Podcast presented by Louise Minchin

Real athletes who don’t know their limits.

Whether you’re an elite or everyday athlete at home, it can be hard to continually progress. How do you push yourself out of your comfort zone and find that inner drive to get real results?

In this podcast series, journalist and endurance athlete Louise Minchin sits down with superhumans who have done extraordinary things, to learn what it takes - mentally and physically - to go again (and again). Tune in to hear these truly inspiring stories and take away the belief that you can achieve your own goals, no matter how big or small.

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Season 1

S1: Episode 6 - Kevin Sinfield
Kevin discusses changing his career from the world of rugby league to rugby union, amongst raising incredible sums of money for MND.
S1: Episode 5 - Steph Houghton
A role model in Women’s Football, Steph Houghton plays for England and Manchester City as a Defender.
S1: Episode 4 - Gilbert Enoka
Gilbert Enoka shares the psychology behind one of the greatest rugby teams, the New Zealand All Blacks.
S1: Episode 3 - Karen Hauer
BBC Strictly Come Dancing longest serving professional, Karen discusses the physical and mental demands of being a dancer, as well as recently launching her fitness brand Hauer Power.
S1: Episode 2 - Andrew Cotton
Andrew Cottons talks about his life-threatening surfing accident, and the mental and physical demands that come with the sport.
S1: Episode 1 - Mark Beaumont
Mark Beaumont is an ultra-endurance adventurer and cyclist who has broken many world records over the past couple of decades from cycling the Americas to rowing the Arctic.

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