Iconic Climbs of the Tour de France - Which is Your Favourite?

With the climbing stages of the Tour de France about to take hold, we thought it would only be right to gather the thoughts of British cyclists on the most iconic climbs from Tour de France history.

As part of our research we surveyed 1,396 cyclists who shared their thoughts on the most iconic and most coveted climbs of the recent tours.

The findings

Alpe d’Huez holds the top spot for most iconic climb

Sharing four fifths of the vote, Alpe d’Huez (48.0%) and Mont Ventoux (36.5%), which will not appear in the 2015 edition of the Tour, were by far the most iconic climbs for British riders.

Mont Ventoux is the most coveted climb

However, when asked which climb they’d most want to undertake, the climbs switched, with Mont Ventoux getting 46.6% of the vote and Alpe d’Huez getting 32.2%.

Other iconic climbs that riders wanted to challenge themselves on were the Col du Tormalet (9.0%), the Col du Galibier (8.0%) and Côte de Holme Moss, Yorkshire (1.8%).

Which famous Tour de France climb would you like to take on? Tell us in the comments below.