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Sport FAQs

No. Wattbike is not just for cyclists - our indoor bike trainers are accurate, data-led tools that support cycling. They can also be adapted to help those who are preparing for sports, running, or want to improve their fitness in general.

Yes. The indoor bike trainer can benefit those preparing to compete in sports events and fixtures, no matter your level. With interval training, endurance, and off-feat conditioning at the centre of our Wattbike Hub workouts, you’ll make your off-pitch training count for those precious minutes on the sports field.

Yes. Indoor bike trainers offer the opportunity for pre-season rugby training - players can train their off-feat conditioning, in order to enhance their on-pitch performance. With workouts which simulate high intensity interval training on the Wattbike Hub, and our dedicated Rugby General Conditioning training plan, you can prepare for your next game with Wattbike.

Yes. Indoor cycling is a great way to train to change up your training routine, take the impact off your feet, and replicate the same cardiovascular endurance required on foot. Our workouts to improve fitness are available to help you benchmark your progress and improve your running.