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Workout FAQs

Working out on an indoor bike trainer means you have control over your exercise. You can include HIIT, endurance, sprinting, or real-road event simulation workouts in your routine with the help of the Wattbike Hub.

There are over 100 workouts on the Wattbike Hub, from endurance, to HIIT, to real-road simulations. Climb through the French Alps or try your hand at a time trial, all in one place. Enhance your indoor training with the perfect at-home coach, free to download.

To do a Wattbike Hub workout, you need to connect a Wattbike indoor bike trainer to the app on a Bluetooth compatible smart device. Then, select the workout you want to complete, and start pedalling! Your real-time cycling data will appear on the app, and you’ll be able to see your ride stats after you’ve completed the workout.

For a good workout, get on your bike for around 30 to 60 minutes, more than a few times a week. You’ll need to mix up the lengths of your workout, and the amount of power you’re producing, in order to see the lasting impact of your workouts for cycling performance and fitness.

 Yes. Simply download the Wattbike Hub app, and connect it to an available indoor trainer, and start your indoor bike workout at the gym. Either choose ‘quick ride’ to see your real-time cycling performance as you pedal, or select a workout from the Hub to complete.