Wattbike Hub

From HIIT sessions to hill climbs, our free training app, the Wattbike Hub, offers you a variety of workouts, training plans and challenges so you can reach your fitness goals. It’s quick and simple connectivity to your Wattbike, means you’ll be straight into a session in just a few minutes.

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Getting started with the Wattbike Hub

Before you jump into a training programme, we recommend you perform a performance test to understand your training zones and personalise your training sessions on the Wattbike Hub.

20 Minute Test

The 20 minute test is suitable for those with a good level of fitness and aimed at estimating your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). FTP is your ability to sustain the highest possible power output over 60 minutes. It’s a great benchmark to understand your fitness level and how you have improved over time.

Submax Test

The submax test is suitable for beginners and allows you to establish your fitness level related to age and gender. The test estimates your maximum heart rate and power to personalise your future sessions on the Wattbike Hub.

Workouts tailored to you

No matter what your training or fitness goals are, we promise the Wattbike Hub can get you there. With over one hundred sessions ranging from workouts, climbs, training plans and performance tests, every ride will improve your performance in real time and give you the data you need to make every session count.
Shifter on the Wattbike AtomX


The Wattbike Atom has two resistance modes - Gear or Ergo. This offers 22 gears to adjust the resistance, to replicate the feeling and sensation of riding outdoors. Resistance and power output can be controlled manually to simulate on-the-move gear changes and gradients of between 0-25%. So when you’re going up Mount Ventoux on the Wattbike Hub, you can change the gear to suit your power ability.

Alternatively, Ergo Mode, means the target power is pre-programmed to auto adjust which is great for those HIIT or time-crunched sessions. 

Pedalling Effectiveness Score (PES)

It may come as no surprise that the most efficient way to improve your cycling is by concentrating on your pedalling technique.

On the Wattbike Hub, you will see our unique industry measurement, Pedal Effectiveness Score (PES) combined with Polar View technology, which helps you analyse your pedalling technique specific to each leg, and more importantly, recognises where you can make improvements. It really is like having a personal coach at home!

Download the Wattbike Hub app for free