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Sportive FAQs

Yes. With the Wattbike Hub, you can recreate real-road routes to train for sportives on your indoor bike. We also have dedicated training plans to help you prepare for a 50 or 100 mile ride, as well as a beginner sportive plan, and an intermediate sportive plan. That way, you can use a winter indoor training plan to benefit your outdoor riding when sportive season comes around.

Sportives are amateur, long distance cycling races held all year long across the UK. They are held for all ages and abilities, described as non-competitive, and distances tend to range from 50 to 100 miles.

 Long-distance races timed against the clock, sportives can range anywhere from 20 to 200 miles or more. Though they typically range from distances of 50 to 100 miles.

Sportives are labelled as non-competitive races, suitable for all abilities. Though they are amaetur races, they may be taken seriously by seasoned riders. They can be as competitive as you’d like them to be - go along to test yourself!

Usually, Grand Tours are held between May and September. Although, you can race along with cycling simulations in the Wattbike Hub on your indoor bike trainerall year long, and challenge yourself through the off-season too!They are held across the UK during the cycling season, and beyond it. From sportives in London, the Lake District, Scotland, Wales, Brighton, Cambridge. All across the UK and further afield, during the cycling season, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a sportive every weekend.