Explore America with eight new climbs, now available on the Wattbike Hub

February 11, 2020 4 min read

From the familiar settings of your pain cave to the United States, take your training to new heights with some of the most challenging climbs America has to offer.

8 New Cycling Climbs to Try On Your Indoor Trainer

Connect your Wattbike Atom and head over to the Wattbike Hub to take on eight new climbs, including…


The iconic Hurricane Ridge rises up through Olympic National Park to an elevation of 1598m.

A HC category climb, Hurricane Ridge averages a gradient of 5.1% over 30.1 kilometres, reaching 12.5% at its steepest. Climbing from sea level in Port Angeles to nearly a mile high at its highest point through a breathtaking 2052m of elevation gain, you can ride the Hurricane without paying the National park fees from the comfort of your Wattbike.


Part of the US Hillclimb Series and only available to ride as part of the annual event, Mount Washington is a brutal ascent.

At 1917m tall, Washington forms part of the Presidential Range and is the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. This HC category climb gains 1407m in elevation over 11.6km, relentlessly averages a heart-pounding gradient of 12.1% which can reach as much as 22.7% in places, and is renowned for being one of America's toughest.


Located in the Sawatch Range of the Rocky Mountains and reaching an elevation of 3687m, Independence pass is one of the highest points in cycling globally. Arguably the highest paved passes in the USA, the window to complete the climb is limited due to the closure of the road through Winter's heavy snowfall, and the same road has featured in the USA Pro Challenge, adding to its legendary status.

Over 29.4km you'll tackle 1218m of elevation with an average gradient of 4.1%, maxing out at 8.8% as you take on this epic HC category climb.


Towering at 4350m above sea level and rising over 2700m over Colorado, Mount Evans is the highest peak in the Mount Evans Wilderness in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Featuring in just about every famous USA cycling climbs list, and home of the Bob Cook Memorial Ride which has been won by a number of pros or soon-to-be-pros over the years, Mount Evans is surely one to tick off your bucket list. Conquer 'the highest paved road in North America' on this epic climb which devours 1976m of elevation gain over 43.8km, averaging a 4.4% gradient which reaches 14.4% at its steepest.


While you won't need to worry about extreme temperature fluctuations between the start and finish of this climb from your Wattbike, there's a reason why Mount Lemmon is the USA's most popular bike climb.

At 2791m above sea level, Mount Lemmon (named after botanist Sara Lemmon who trekked to its peak in 1881) towers more than 1.5km above the surrounding Arizona landscape.

First raced in 1968, this HC category climb gains 1981m of elevation over 44.3km, averaging 4% and reaching 11.1% at the steepest point, and while you won't enjoy the spectacular scenery en route, a successful summit of Americas most popular peak is a must for cyclists.


Located near Lake Placid, Whiteface Mountain is the toughest mountain climb in New York.

One of the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains and New York state's fifth tallest peak, Whiteface Mountain stands 1483m above sea level and protrudes 948m above Wilmington.

Featuring in numerous USA best cycling climb guides, Whiteface Mountain is a bucket list ride. This HC classified climb following Veteran's Memorial Highway features a consistent gradient averaging 8.5%, with no descents or flat spots along its 12.7km route, ramping up as steep as 12.5% over the final 1km.


Colorado's mythical Pikes Peak stands at an incredible 4302m above sea level, the tallest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Pikes Peak is home to motorsport's famous International Hill Climb, which sees drivers race from base to summit taking in 156 corners in the process, and until 2013 the road was closed to cyclists except for events. On two wheels, multiple Pikes Peak Hill Climb winner LeRoy Popowski currently holds the Strava course record.

The climb gains 1448m of elevation over 19.6km with an average gradient of 7.3% and some sections steeper than 12.9%. Following a relatively easy start, things become steep fast at the 2km mark, only really flattening out for some hard-earned respite between the 14 and 17km markers ahead of the final slog to the summit.


Feel the spiritual power of Big Island drive you on as you climb out of the home of triathlon, gaining 1330 metres of elevation in just 18.2km.

Starting just above sea level in Kona, home of the Ironman World Championships since 1981, don't let this tortuous climb's relatively placid first 8km of around 4.4% gradient lure you into a false sense of comfort. Just like many volcanic climbs, this one keeps on getting steeper the closer you get to the finish line, and the final 10.2km stretch averages double digit gradients without a moments rest as you round its multiple switchbacks.

While it may be relatively unknown despite it’s proximity to Kona, it’s certainly no easy target: Kaloko Drive is ranked as the 5th toughest climb in the United States.

Fancy testing your mettle?Head over to the Wattbike Hub to get started.

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