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How to create custom workouts on Wattbike Hub+

Personalise your indoor training and create your own workouts on your Wattbike with the industry’s first mobile-friendly workout builder. 

Designed with ease in mind, you can now create, build, share and export your own workouts in the Wattbike Hub training app. 

The Workout Builder is a simple new tool that will allow you to quickly build workouts and ride them immediately on your Wattbike. If you have a Wattbike Atom or AtomX, the electromagnet resistance will allow the bike to automatically control the resistance changes for you, so you just need to concentrate at the task in hand.   

This article will take you through a step by step guide of how to best create your own workout on Hub+. It’s simple really. You pick and add segment blocks (Warm up, Ramp, Intervals, Building Block, Cool Down), then edit each individual block to personalise the workout with your preferred %FTP, %THR, cadence and duration if you want to. 

To access the Workout Builder on the Wattbike Hub you will need a Hub+ subscription. You can trial the Hub+ free for 30 days, then roll on to a monthly (£7.99) or annual (£79.99) plan.  

So let’s get started on how to create your own workout…

Step 1: Navigate to the ‘Workout Builder’ in the ‘Workouts’ category 

Step 2: Tap 'Add' to start building your workout 

Step 3: Pick and add your segment blocks - Warm up, Ramp, Intervals, Building Block, Cool down. 

Tip: We recommend starting any workout with a 10-minute warm. Then depending on the type and length of session you are looking for, add a series of intervals or building blocks at different intensities.  Don’t forget to end each workout with a cool down. 

Step 4: Bulk edit entire blocks by tapping 'Edit Block' then using the sliders

Tip: We recommend using this tool if you are looking to replicate blocks in your workout

Step 5: Fine tune by tapping individual rows then using the spinners to personalise your %FTP, %THR, cadence and duration

Tip: This is important so you can personalise your workout and target specific areas in your session

Step 6: Name and save your workout - get riding your session

TIp: Get creative and name your workouts with something catchy. Don’t forget to add a description so you remember outcomes of the session.  


Learn more about the Wattbike Hub and how it can support your Wattbike training here.  Get a 30-day free trial and unlock premium features to maximise performance. Subscribe for £7.99/month or £79.99/annually.