BMX Pro Cameron Bramer talks Wattbike for winter training

August 05, 2022 3 min read

Cameron Bramer, an U23 BMX Pro for Team USA BMX Pro and the Supercross Factory team, started racing BMX at the age of 9 after discovering his dad’s old racing trophies in the basement. His father, Jim Bramer, asked Cam if he wanted to check out the track, he immediately fell in love with the sport and the rest is history!

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cam took to racing like a natural and has since progressed rapidly through the sport, most recently taking 3rd place in the 2019 USA Cycling Elite BMX National Championships (17-20 expert).


Being from the Northeast, most of the tracks around Cam’s hometown close through the Winter, sometimes up to six months at a time due to the bad weather putting a hold on outdoor riding.

“Training on the Wattbike has helped me work on short, sharp sprints whilst boosting my endurance for longer rides.”

“At the beginning of every year, I would struggle with both endurance and track speed.” Cam explains. “Having an indoor bike on rollers helped me get by for a little while, but it just wasn’t enough. Introducing a Wattbike into my training made all the difference, I could work on short, sharp sprints building up my power and speed whilst also boosting my endurance on longer rides.”


With an innate competitive nature, and being a fan of the training that goes into his sport, Cam pushes himself each session to be the best he can be each and every time.

“I really enjoy training. Any type of training, on the Wattbike or in the gym. I love the feeling you get after you’ve done a killer session! The real-time data on the Wattbike has really improved how I can track my performance and kept me focused on constantly getting better, who doesn’t want to be the best version of themselves?!”

“I love the feeling you get after you’ve done a killer session!”

On the Wattbike, Cam likes to focus on pushing his sprinting power through the in-built 6-second test. This compliments his training on the BMX bike, where he’ll tend to focus on quick technique coming out of the gates, or tactical moves in order to manoeuvre the best racing lines.

“My main objective in training is just to always be better than the last time. I’m always challenging myself to beat a time or a personal record. That’s what I really like about the Wattbike, it makes it easy to set goals, and then crush them! It also lets me make sure my strength training is on point, if the numbers start to decline, it usually means I need to rest and regroup.”

“I really like the Wattbike because it makes it easy for me to set goals, and then to crush them!”


Despite picking up an injury in Tulsa, which put Cam out for a few weeks, he’s back on the bike and excited to be competing on the international circuit. Between racing, he teaches a lot of BMX ‘clinics’ for young riders.

“I’m excited to be competing on the internal circuit because it's just a different level, and style, of racing. But between times, it’s also really important to give back to the sport and help inspire the up and coming racers of the future.”

“I like teaching the kids at the track, I’m a big kid myself and I love BMX. So being able to help others and see them progress is really rewarding. I remember being a young rider myself, and looking up to our local pro at the time meant so much to me.”

Cam is training using a Wattbike Nucleus, engineered to fit the needs of elite athletes and powerful riders. To find out more about Cam and his racing, visit

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