Everything You Need For Your First Wattbike Ride

December 08, 2021 1 min read

From unboxing your Wattbike Atom to your first session on the Wattbike Hub, here’s our handy checklist to get you started with your smart bike.

5 Essentials For Your First Wattbike Ride

Here are 5 essentials you'll need to get the most out of the first ride on your smart bike.

1. Plug socket

  • You’ll need power for your Wattbike Atom, so make sure you place your bike close to a power outlet. Please only use the original charger supplied with the bike.

2. Smart device

  • You will need a smart device to connect your bike to the Wattbike Hub. The Wattbike Hub app is compatible with a phone or tablet.

3. Wifi

  • You’ll need wifi to download the Wattbike Hub from the App store or Google Play onto your smart device. But once its downloaded, you can ride without a connection.

  • Open the Wattbike Hub app and sign up / log in

4. Bluetooth

  • Enable Bluetooth on your device and connect the Wattbike Hub to your Wattbike Atom

  • Tap ‘Quick Ride’ on the home screen of the Wattbike Hub then tap the top right corner and select your Atom ID from the list

5. Heart Rate Monitor

  • You don’t need a heart rate monitorto use the Wattbike Atom, but we really recommend it to get the most insightful workout data.

  • Connect your HR monitor by tapping the HR sensor (heart) in the top right corner and select your device. The HR icon will turn green for a successful connection.

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