Emma Kirk-Odunubi - Marathon runner

Hitting marathon PB's

More than a decade of coaching runners – from beginners to ultra distance – puts Wattbiker Emma Kirk-Odunubi in a prime position to improve performance. This experience is borne out not not only in the results of others, but in Emma’s own efforts and achievements, recently running a new marathon PR.

This April, Emma ran the Manchester Marathon. With a solid build-up, in her words she toed the line in the shape of her life. How did that prep play out?

“The race felt almost dreamlike, running negative splits from the first half of the race to the second. Overall, I beat my PB by 9 minutes… I believe my training plan this year had everything to do with it, along with the inclusion of my bike sessions.The off-feet benefits were powerful."

Emma has beenofficially aWattbikerfor the last 6months, finding ways to meaningfully incorporate the bike to create tangible improvementsto her running performance, and to those athletes that she coaches too.

“I used the Hub+ feature to not only programme and build my ownworkouts, but as a coach I was able to share myworkoutswith clients. The off-feet benefits were powerful – I was able to push my heart rate to zones 4 & 5 without the extra pounding on the ground for my joints. It enabled me to not only recover quicker for my next session, but still feel I was achieving the bodily responses of training.”

You can read Emma’s full marathon training experience here.