Jessica Piasecki - The Power of Pedal

April 16, 2024 3 min read

In the realm of elite athletics, few pieces of equipment become as integral to an athlete's success as their chosen training tools. For Jessica Piasecki, a senior lecturer in Exercise Physiology at NTU, Olympic marathon runner, and Team GB athlete, the Wattbike has been a game changer. Since integrating the Wattbike into her regimen in 2019, Piasecki has discovered a formula for maintaining peak marathon condition while reducing the toll on her body.

Embracing the Ride: Jessica's Wattbike Experience

Piasecki's entry into the world of Wattbiking began with the Atom in 2019. For her, the Wattbike isn't just about augmenting her running; it's an engaging challenge that complements her rigorous schedule. "As an Olympian, staying injury-free while managing high training volumes is my priority," she shares. The Wattbike allows her to substitute second daily runs with low-impact cycling sessions, keeping her on track without the wear and tear.

Power to Push: The Role of Wattbike in Elite Training

The FTP tests on the Wattbike are a particular highlight for Piasecki. "Thriving on targets," she uses these tests to align her power zones with her fitness levels, ensuring her training is both challenging and tailored. This scientific approach to training is evident in her interest in the purpose behind each session, providing an extra layer of motivation when the going gets tough.

A Platform Like No Other

What sets the Wattbike apart for Piasecki is its versatility. "The variety it offers is unparalleled," she observes, highlighting the Wattbike's adaptability to different training needs and its user-friendly app. For Piasecki, the ease of linking her data to any Wattbike, anywhere, keeps her personal metrics consistent and her training on course.

Advice for Aspiring Athletes

Piasecki encourages newcomers to sports to set both immediate and long-term goals. These milestones, coupled with flexibility and the ability to pivot around life's demands, are strategies she believes are crucial for anyone embarking on a fitness journey. "Don't focus on the mishaps," she advises. "Focus on the big picture."

Triumph Through Adversity

Reflecting on her personal best in Seville, Piasecki considers her preparation, despite obstacles, as a cornerstone of her success. Immersing herself in an intensive training camp, she tackled unexpected challenges with a positive mindset—a testament to her resilience and dedication.

Training Preferences: The Long and Short of It

Piasecki's training sessions on the Wattbike mirror the complexity of her running routines. Long runs peppered with efforts are her favourite, while progression runs are her least favourite due to the mental anticipation they provoke. Similarly, on the bike, she favours lengthy efforts that challenge her FTP, while short, intense bursts prove to be the toughest.

Planning for Success

Success in training, for Piasecki, is all about meticulous planning and timing. Morning sessions are sacred, fuelling is critical, and sometimes, a pre-laid plan the night before can make all the difference for a high-stakes workout.

Setting and Achieving Goals

For Piasecki, goals are the fuel that propels an athlete forward. She urges those struggling with goal-setting to start with attainable objectives and to use short-term achievements as stepping stones towards grander ambitions.

Looking Ahead

Piasecki has her sights set on running a marathon in under 2 hours and 20 minutes and completing a 70.3 triathlon, showcasing her commitment to expanding her prowess in endurance sports.

Demystifying Power Training

To beginners intimidated by training with power, Piasecki suggests a gradual approach. Start without preconceptions, then use your power data as a benchmark for progress. "Power gives specificity to the training," she asserts, reinforcing its value in translating effort into tangible results.

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