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Wattbike Comparison guide

Wattbike resistance explained

When it comes to Wattbikes, there are two different resistance types to train with - electromagnetic or air resistance.

To help you decide the best option for your training, the type of resistance you train with should be driven by your fitness goals, the type of training experience and environment you’re looking for. Let’s debunk our two resistance types for you:


Best for:‎‎‏‏‎ ‎‎Virtual training experiences, workouts, climbs and endurance sessions.

Electromagnetic resistance is determined by how much electric power flows through the magnets - so the higher the current, the higher the resistance. Our smart bike, Wattbike Atom has an electromagnet resistance which offers a power range of up to 2500W and 22 gears (when in ‘gear mode’).  When in ‘ergo mode’, the electromagnet resistance can automatically adjust, so you can jump into any workout and the bike will take control of the resistance levels for you.

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Air resistance

Best for: cross-functional training, interval sessions, customised workouts, off-feet training, weight management

Air resistance is determined by how much air is reaching the fan (by manually adjusting the lever on the side of the Wattbike). The more air you allow in and the faster you pedal, the more resistance you’ll have. Training with air allows you to have full control of the power load on your muscles, and reduces the impact of stress of running taking your training ‘off-feet’. 

The trainer also has a manual magnetic resistance adjustment (by turning a dial on the Wattbike) which can be used in combination with the air, providing additional resistance for those more powerful sessions.

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Our most popular smart bike

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  • Electromagnetic resistance offering a power range of up to 2500W with an high accuracy of +/-1%.
  • Virtual indoor cycling experience that connects to a range of compatible training apps. Race friends in Zwift or ride real routes in Rouvy, the Atom automatically simulates gradients in the virtual worlds.
  • Structured workouts and rides using our free Wattbike Hub training app.
  • Ergo mode allows the smart bike to control the resistance changes for you, allowing you to focus on your training workout or pedalling technique with our unique industry measurement.
  • Replicates your road bike set up with easy multipoint adjustment, dropped handlebars, a race saddle and gear shifters.
  • Quiet riding with a small footprint, great looks and perfect for the home.


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  • Air resistance offering a power range of up to 2000W with an accuracy of +/-2%.
  • All the same technology, accuracy, reliability and pedigree of our legendary air bike, but with an upgraded touchscreen that makes it perfect for cross-functional and hassle-free training.
  • Your all-in-one coach - get on-demand training sessions, custom build your own workouts, and get live data and technique feedback all from one screen.
  • Get precise control over your training with instant air resistance changes to set how much power you require for your workout. It's perfect for HIIT training, strength sessions, light recovery rides and rehab programmes.
  • Reduce the impact stress of running or on-feet training with indoor cycling. A tried and tested approach in elite sport, off-feet conditioning is designed to reduce training load and improve physical performance.
  • Train on your time with four simple set up steps with easy lock levers - just plug in and ride. No hassle.

Detailed information

Sales and Delivery
Wattbike Atom Wattbike Nucleus
RRP £2,399 £2,499
Delivery Boxed Boxed
Warranty 2 years home use warranty 2 years home and commercial use warranty
Wattbike Atom Wattbike Nucleus
Smart technology (resistance unit interacts with software) Yes No
Third-party app connectivity ANT+, Bluetooth, FTMS ANT+, Bluetooth, FTMS
Third-party app control Any ANT+FEC Bluetooth FTMS enabled app inc Zwift, Rouvy, TrainerRoad, FulGaz, RGT Not compatible
Wireless firmware updates Yes Yes
Resistance & power
Wattbike Atom Wattbike Nucleus
Resistance type Electromagnetic Air & Magnetic
Resistance functionality Automatic and manual resistance changed using digital shifters Manual resistance (changed using lever or Magnet dial)
Accuracy +/-1% +/-2%
Power range 0–2500w 0–2000w
Gears 1–22 (Virtual gear sets changeable within the Wattbike Hub) 1–10 (air), 1–7 (magnetic) resistance levels
Gradient 0–25% N/A
Feature availability
Wattbike Atom Wattbike Nucleus
Polar View Yes Yes
Pedalling Effectiveness Score (PES) Yes Yes
Tests, workouts, training plans Yes Yes
Virtual climbing Yes No
Gear mode Yes No
Ergo mode Yes No
Technical specifications
Wattbike Atom Wattbike Nucleus
Power required Yes Yes
Bike weight 44kg 55kg
Footprint 100cm (l) × 50cm (w) × 150cm (h) 125cm (l) × 66cm (w) × 130cm (h)
Tri-pads Yes No
Crank length 170mm 170mm
Q-factor 160mm 173mm
Max. rider weight 135kg 150kg
Rider height 5′ – 6′ 5″ 5′ 1" – 6′ 4″ (7’ 1” with extra long stem)