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How PureGym is Inspiring a Healthier Nation, with Help from Wattbike

PureGym first opened its doors in 2009 with the aim of inspiring the nation to become healthier, by offering a no-frills fitness club and flexible no-contract memberships. By making fitness affordable, convenient, and flexible for everyone, PureGym has grown to become Britain’s largest gym chain by membership, reaching a total of 1,000,000 members this year. This makes PureGym the first British gym chain to ever achieve one million members.


PureGym have always designed their gyms around the things that matter most to their members. And with innovative technology at the heart of everything they do, a partnership with Wattbike was a perfect match for this innovative fitness giant. Wattbike recently provided a dozen smart bikes to differentPureGym sites across the UK, including Portsmouth, Stoke, London Wall, London Marylebone, and East Grinstead. The latter is where you can find the very firstPureGym Wattbike Zone, which has created an exciting area for members to take full advantage of the Wattbike’s innovative training and testing tools.

Francine Davis, Commercial and Strategic Director at PureGym East Grinstead, states:

“At PureGym we want to offer our members a low cost, high quality training experience. Our members expect quality training equipment, which is why we have teamed up with Wattbike to install Wattbikes at our East Grinstead site. The versatility and innovation of the Wattbikes has provided a great training experience for our members and personal trainers on site, and we look forward to helping our members become healthier, and achieve their goals whatever they are”

We’re confident this partnership will provide an exciting training opportunity for PureGym’s members, and we look forward to improving people’s performance across the UK, one gym at a time. Feeling inspired? Take a look at ourfree training plans.