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The Process

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Terms & Conditions
  • You must have ordered a Wattbike from wattbike.com on or after 29th June 2023. If you have ordered a Wattbike Atom, you will get $400 off the RRP.
  • You must complete the Health Assessment Submax Test within the Wattbike Hub app, with a connected heart rate monitor before and after the plan.
  • You must start the 13 week Health training plan, specific to your CRF score, within 30 days delivery of your Wattbike.
  • If your CRF score is 80% or more, you are probably optimising your CRF and working on utilisation of your fitness in your training – the claim and money-back offer does not apply to you as you’re unlikely to improve your CRF score by 10%, however you can still benefit from small % improvements by following the ‘Advanced Health Plan’ and get $400 off the Wattbike Atom.  
  • You must complete at least 90% of the recommended training plan based on your CRF score.
  • You must complete the Health Assessment Submax Test, with a connected heart rate monitor within 7 days after finishing the plan to get your new and improved CRF score.
  • You must complete each workout in the training plan using a heart rate monitor.  
  • You must have an accurate Wattbike Hub profile including sex, weight and age.  
  • If you suffer from illness (e.g. flu) during the plan, you must stop, recover, then retest and restart the plan.  
  • Within the plan sessions, you need to finish at least 85% of each session for it to count as completed. If the week needs to re-start more than twice in a row, the entire plan will re-start from Day 1.   
  • The Wattbike 30 day return policy of product still stands regardless of committing to the 13-week plan.   
  • If your fitness hasn’t improved after completing at least 90% of the 13-week training programme and you adhere to the above conditions, you can return the bike and get a full refund (minus $150 collection fee). Your refund will be processed within 7-10 days after confirmation of bike have been received by Wattbike.
  • If you have any pre or existing medical conditions, please consult your doctor before commencing any of the tests or training plans. Participation of the tests and plans is done at your own risk.